— hello and welcome to intercultural knowledge.
we are a consulting and training company connecting people professionally, across the globe, through knowledge and awareness. we strongly believe in mutual respect as an essential basis for cooperation. our approach appreciates the individual’s experience and focuses on solutions, enabling people to reach new goals.


— 01
are you planning international cooperation?

in this case you want to be well prepared to understand what drives your potential international partners. or you have already established a partnership and want to lay the foundations for a successful and sustainable cooperation. we can assist with customized training as well as with team building events across borders.

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are you going to send executive staff abroad?

they will encounter a number of challenges abroad, both professionally and personally. so it really is a good idea to equip them with an intercultural tool kit through one of our targeted trainings in small groups or one-on-one.

— 03
do you recruit employees internationally?

to keep international employees motivated and make them successful they need to understand the german ways. why not let them benefit from training specially geared to make them see that germans can be quite charming and yes, they do have a sense of humour.

— 04
does your management face challenges that need more in-depth treatment?

some solutions need more to come along: more time, more thinking, more support. if your management is working on more complex tasks in an international environment, a coach with an intercultural background is a good solution. try us.

— 05
international project management

is so much more than just setting up regular telephone conferences, video meetings and travelling around the world to supervise your team members at the different locations. investing upfront in the team building process, understanding the diverse cultural patterns that influence the team members’ actions, developing a sense of appreciation for diversity are some of the measures that pay off in the long run. we are there to facilitate these processes and support you with intercultural knowledge.


iris schneider, has a phd in linguistics with a focus on russian, polish and scandinavian languages.

she is a trained journalist and has worked in public relations and media for a number of years. she also has more than 20 years of experience in teaching and training both in professional settings and at university level. iris has lived and worked in the united kingdom, in ireland and in russia.